Rockin’ Out in March

March 3, 2015

It’s time to rock out with your cock out! What…? A male chicken is called a cock. Shut up. We’re looking forward to a killer rock block at Union Brewery starting Thursday, March 5th when Fried Chicken Is Delicious, your favorite acoustic rock show, begins a tasty string of shows which goes through March 14th (check out the schedule on the site). Then, March 14th at 9pm Press The Glass is gonna light up Kendall’s Tavern in Shelbyville. What’s next, you ask? March 17th Press The Glass will turn up the noise for St. Patrick’s Day at The Grill at Geist. Parking lot baby! Could this amazing blog post get any better, you say? Well hold onto your britches there kidos! March 21st we travel up to Roanoke again for the annual Boys and Girls Club of Huntington County fundraiser dinner. Hit us up if you have any questions…beh-cawwwwwww!!!!